Our Mission

About Hawkridge

Our Mission

Our mission at Hawkridge is to produce gaming audio devices that enable gamers to build ultimate audio setups.

After many years in the audio industry we came to the realization that the gaming audio industry could do better, much better.  In fact we think many gaming audio devices under perform in key areas.  We've made it our mission to rectify that.

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Our Ethos

Everything we do is motivated by the drive to challenge what exists.

We’re not interested in following the crowd or doing it because it has always been done that way. We like to ask awkward questions, are interested in the fundamentals of what actually matters and keep asking ourselves how we can build it better than before.

At our core is the idea of building for the long term in a way that respects our customers and the World we live in.  We focus on designing products for our customers that have a long service life and can be maintained.

Our Mission